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The goal of the program will be to improve the health and wellness of each youth so they can reach their full potential. Youth will be supported to foster healthy relationships and create connections to community, nature and those who genuinely care for their well-being. Life skills, education and job readiness training will be an integral part of the recovery process. Activities will be tailored to meet psychosocial, biological and cultural needs for families and youth during and after treatment.

The treatment and recovery program at the Youth Recovery House will be strongly rooted in our expert knowledge to address factors underlying addictive behaviour. All elements of the program will incorporate safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness and empowerment to ensure the physical and emotional safety of an individual is always considered. The Bridge will also seek and incorporate feedback from participants to guide the work and modify programming as needed, and will include individual and group based supports for youth and families.

Family members and caregivers face unique challenges when supporting a loved one struggling with substance use disorder and can be an extremely valuable resource in a person’s addiction care and recovery. They will therefore be involved in the recovery process and receive knowledge, skills and support during and after treatment.

Our program will provide the tools, skills and resources these young people need.