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When it comes to the harsh reality substance use imposes on children and adolescents, The Bridge team is well-seasoned and unshakable, but our adversary is evolving. Today, we see children we have cared for die outdoors and alone, and it shatters us. We are firm in our resolve to rally the community to build and provide long-term rehabilitative housing and care for youth in our area addicted to substances.

Together, we can make a difference. Our young people are struggling; yet, they are children; their futures are decades ahead and can be rewritten. They deserve the opportunity to heal, learn and change course. We are the catalyst for their resurgence. Our children and youth are relying on us.


The Bridge is working with a core group of local individuals of influence who possess the leadership, resources and contacts we need to make the Youth Recovery House a reality. Some of our earliest and most committed allies include the Local 953 Kelowna Professional Firefighters Charitable Association, Valley First Insurance, KPMG, Tolko, Foundry Kelowna, Moms Stop the Harm, Mayor Colin Basran and Councillors Ryan Donn, Loyal Woolridge, Luke Stack and Mohini Singh, with more individuals and organizations joining us each day.

Together we are rallying the community to take action to generate the resources and funds necessary to create a safe healing space to ensure that our children affected by substance use disorder receive the care and support they need to recover.


"They're our future and we need to ensure they're going to be healthy enough to sustain our future. So we need these things in place and we need them now." -Helen Jennens, Moms Stop the Harm