The Bridge is working with a core group of local individuals of influence who possess the leadership, resources and contacts to make Phase II of the Youth Recovery House a reality. Some of our earliest and most committed allies include:

With more individuals, businesses and organizations joining us each day.
Together we are rallying the community to take action to generate the resources and funds necessary to create a safe, healing space for our children to receive the individualized care they need without having to leave their home community and family.
Our fundraising goal is 10 million dollars. The funds needed may change and evolve over time, depending on construction costs, donations of property and other support offered by the community.
We already have 1 million dollars dedicated to the campaign and our Board of Directors has committed the resources necessary to ensure that every dollar raised from donors is committed solely to bricks, mortar, and treatment.


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“At its very core, youth treatment is prevention: if we invest in people who are struggling with addition while they are young, we will impact the safety, vibrancy & health of the Okanagan for years to come.”
Celine Thompson, Executive Director